Biblical Counseling Training

Biblical Counseling of the East Valley (BCEV) is a Certified Training Center for the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).

We offer an introductory 30-hour training class, and then classes and conferences for advanced students. 

The Certification Process

Phase 1: Fundamentals training course

I. Orientation to and Dynamics of Biblical Counseling

Part A. 

  1. Basics of Biblical Counseling
  2. The Need for Biblical Counseling
  3. The Definition and Goal of Biblical Counseling
  4. Progressive Sanctification
  5. Process of Biblical Change
  6. Qualifications of a Biblical Counselor
  7. Getting to Heart Issues

Part B. 

  1. Key Elements in Biblical Counseling
  2. Gathering Data
  3. Discerning Problems Biblically
  4. Establishing Involvement with Counselees
  5. Giving Hope
  6. Providing Instruction
  7. Giving Homework
II. Critical Reflection on Various Theories in Counseling
  1. Secular and Integration Theories
  2. What Makes Biblical Counseling Biblical?
III. Husband and Wife Relationships
  1. God’s Purpose for Marriage
  2. Roles of the Husband and Wife
  3. Communication
  4. Biblical Sexuality
IV. Parent and Child Relationships
  1. Goal of Parenting
  2. Parental Instruction
  3. Parental Discipline
V. Frequent Issues in Counseling
  1. Guilt and Repentance
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Trials and Suffering
  4. Fear and Worry
  5. Anger
  6. Depression
  7. Sexual Sin
VI. Medical Issues in Counseling
  1. Physical Illness and Biblical Counseling
  2. Psychotropic Drugs and Biblical Counseling

Further Training

Phase 1 Observation

BCEV offers a video observation class to fulfill the required 10 hours of Biblical Counseling observation.

Exam Prep

BCEV offers a 13-hour class that will help prepare a student for the ACBC Certification Exam.  

Advanced Training

BCEV will offer classes to fulfill the classroom requirements for
ACBC Specialization Training.

Local Conferences

BCEV will host conferences on particular topics of interest to those that are interested in Biblical Counseling.

Reconciliation Specialization Training Classes

Topics Covered:

Biblical View of Reconciliation, Biblical View of Confession,  Biblical View of Forgiveness, Biblical View of Conflict, Understanding Conflict: Causes, Understanding Conflict: Categories, Understanding Conflict: Consequences,  Dynamics of Conflict with Unbelievers, Conflict Resolution Strategies For Families,  Conflict Resolution Strategies For Children, Conflict Resolution At Work, Conflict and the Church, The Counselor in Conflict,  Pursuing Peace When Others Refuse to Change, Pursuing Peaceful Relationships That Undermine Conflict

Recent & Upcoming Events

Counseling Observation Class

 Upcoming Observation Class 2022 BCEV will be offering a 10-hour video counseling observation class on April 30 & May 14. This training is part of Phase 1 Fundamentals Training. This observation class will satisfy the observation requirement for ACBC...

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