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Our Goal


Interested in receiving biblical counsel?  We are here to help you. Below are guidelines for receiving biblical counsel from BCEV:

If you currently attend a local church:

BCEV is passionate about one another care. We believe this happens within the context of the local church, and that pastors are the shepherds entrusted with soul care (1 Pet 5:1-4; Heb 13:17). The qualified counselors and staff at BCEV focus on strengthening the church by offering high-quality training classes and training materials. We can help provide counsel; however, if you are part of a local church, we require your pastor/elder’s assistance in helping you. Your pastor must be willing to attend your counseling appointments.  

If you are not currently attending a church:

A requirement for receiving biblical counsel from BCEV is that you begin attending the church of the counselor assigned to you. We believe being part of a local church is necessary for every believer’s spiritual growth.

In Case of an Emergency:

If you are facing a crisis or an emergency, be sure to call your pastor, doctor, or the police.

How to Schedule Counseling

To schedule counseling with one of our certified Biblical counselors fill out our Counseling Application Form. Once we have your application we’ll reach out to you directly to schedule an initial appointment with a counselor.

Counseling at Biblical Counseling of the East Valley

Our counselors provide practical application of biblical truths to benefit Christians in their personal growth in sanctification. Every counselor seeks to build their counselee’s confidence and reliance on the sufficiency of God’s Word as the sole source for authoritative and accurate counsel to Christians regarding life issues.

Biblical Counseling of the East Valley is a training center.  As a training center, we may have an observer present at our counseling sessions. Our purpose is to train men and women to be able to counsel in their local churches and one of the best ways to learn is through observing. Each of these observers has been through counseling training and have signed confidentiality forms in keeping with BCEV’s overall confidentiality policy.